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To provide holistic legal support while helping our clients and their children move into the next chapter of their lives.


To change the way that families navigate legal challenges.


Integrity, respect, empathy, compassion, efficient and effective.


Christine is a very effective special education lawyer.  


Our IEP journey was frustrating, to say the least.  Our son’s education was floundering, and we were dealing with a school district that seemed unable to understand what he needed for support.  


Our first lawyer finally got the school district to agree to an IEP for our son.  This IEP, however, contained no meaningful support for him.  Our second lawyer persuaded us to compromise to a revised IEP that had some structure but lacked substance.  We will spare you the details, but the school district

appeared willing to let our son’s education free fall.  


Then, we found Christine.  She told us what we needed to do and how we could convince

the school district to provide much needed help for our son’s education.  The IEP finally spelled out the support structure our son needed.  He just graduated from a high school.  


The only reason our son has a high school diploma is because of his IEP,

which we would not have gotten without Christine.  

"Christine [Bacon] was the ideal asset for us when facing a challenging school district placement situation. She brings that hoped-for combination of both keen legal acumen regarding disability rights, as well as a caring heart. We genuinely felt what motivates her is a sincere desire to make sure that right is being done. Where experience with disability is not just her specialty, but also part of her life, we felt understood and relieved that we had someone in our corner who shared our values that inclusion and dignity matter for everyone."

“We cannot thank Christine enough for all that she has done for our family.  We were so fortunate to have found someone with such comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of family law.  Along with her legal advice and expertise, she was a calming and understanding voice throughout.  We are forever grateful."



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