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Marriage, Domestic Partnerships, Civil Unions, Paternity, Custody

Separation or divorce after a domestic partnership or marriage are one of the five most stressful life events.  Sometimes, this chapter also involves moving, illness, and job loss; three more of the top five most challenging life events.  We want to walk alongside you and change the way you and your family navigate these legal challenges. We will act with integrity, respect, empathy and compassion while being as effective and efficient as we are able.

We provide collaborative divorce legal support.  Our holistic support in this area of law means we not only provide you with legal support, we also take time to understand your other needs and lay out resources that may be available to you and your children to provide support during this very challenging time. 

As of May 2023, Attorney Bacon will only be taking a limited number of traditional (litigation) family law cases.

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